Osho Tarot “the Fool”

“Be a fool in the Taoist sense, in the Zen sense. Don’t try to create a wall of knowledge around you. Whatsoever experience comes to you, let it happen, and then go on dropping it. Go on cleaning your mind continuously; go on dying to the past so you remain in the present, here-now, as if just born, just a babe.

In the beginning it is going to be very difficult. The world will start taking advantage of you…let them. They are poor fellows. Even if you are cheated and deceived and robbed, let it happen, because that which is really yours cannot be robbed from you, that which is really yours nobody can steal from you.

And each time you don’t allow situations to corrupt you, that opportunity will become an integration inside. Your soul will become more crystallized”.

Let’s imagine the whole tarot as a road map of the journey we spend in this life, each card being a new teaching led for the Mayor Arcana who help us to understand a different aspect of living and help us grow the dimension of what we already knew.  To star this journey of experience and knowledge we will always need to start with a foolish act, to throw ourselves into the abyss of the unknown and here is when the fool in all of us is needed.   Te fool card is number 0 because is not even an action yet, is the momentum of it, the inhalation before the word comes out, the moment of absolute trust and foolishness before you tow yourself into the abyss.  In this card, you can see a Buffon that is joyfully lining into a cliff, he is not showing any anguish or fear, all the contrary he’s stare doesn’t focus in the dangerous precipice but the immensity of the sky, and all the opportunities lying in the stars.


Each change we make in our lives, every new opportunity and risk we take, need a little bit of this fool on us. We all need this space of absolute trust and foolish ingenuity, without attachments or judgment and take a leap of faith, get out of the comfort zone to begin a new adventure.

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