Osho´s Tarot

Is good to point out that the Osho´s Tarot defines itself as “the Game of tarot”, meaning that it doesn´t take itself too seriously. Even though it can get to a point of really understanding deep human experiences in the pass through this life, actually is a great way to pinpoint what this tarot is about “the game of life”.   This is an excellent view to lifting the unnecessary weight we give to some things and acquire a more light perspective of things.   Since my twenty’s, y read a lot of books of Osho and even though  I like his perspective on thing I’ve never considered it as a personal guru. But with the tarot is a completely different thing, this is my travel companion and guide, always helping me to see things in a different way in this game of life, and helping me to enjoy more the trip.

Now in making a walk through every tarot card. see it as the journey that every person has to pass in this life, with each card as a temple who teach the essential aspects of this journey.